under eye fillers before and after abuja nigeria

Cosmetic fillers are substances injected underneath the skin to make the skin appear fuller. We had previously discussed the differences between botox and fillers, profhilo injectable hyaluronic acid gel and general antiaging skincare tips.

Below is under eye fillers before and after done at Skin101 Abuja. You can see the arrows pointing to the areas with the loss of volume, creating the eyebags above them.

under eye fillers before and after abuja nigeria

What Is The Cost of Fillers in Nigeria?

The cost of fillers in Nigeria varies per clinic/center. However price ranges from $500 – $700 per syringe at Skin101 center.

Read more about our cosmetic fillers service here.

If you’re battling with eye bags, sunken eyes, any form of loss of volume under eyes, just give us a call 09086000001 and we will take it from there! Fillers may not be the only solution for your concerns, whatever the case may be, we are always ready to map out treatment options for all your concerns!

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