Scalp Folliculitis Before And After

Scalp folliculitis is an inflammatory disorder of the hair follicles in the scalp. Bacteria, ingrown hairs and other factors can all cause scalp folliculitis.

There are different types of scalp folliculitis; Pseudofolliculitis barbae, Dissecting cellulitis of the scalp, Bacterial folliculitis, etc.

Scalp Folliculitis Before And After

The above scalp folliculitis, a case of bacterial folliculitis, was treated with at the Skin101 Center Abuja. The 101 Skincare Scaling & Itch Relief Shampoo was helpful with his itching alongside the rest of his prescription.

Do you have similar scalp condition or know anyone battling with one, we are just a call away! Dial 09086000001 and we would take it from there.

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