The Glow Kit (Uneven Skin/Brightening Solutions)


What is glowing skin? Glowing skin is radiant, supple, clear, and evenly complexioned skin.

The 101 Clinical skincare glow kit will help you achieve your glowing skin. Safely combining Glycolic acid, Vitamin C, Arbutin, Bearberry extracts, Silybum and many potent anti-oxidants, this is all you will need in your “glowing” arsenal. Safe to use for long long periods with no untoward effects.

  1. Smoothing & moisturizing Glycolic Acid Face & Body Cleanser 10%, AM and PM
  2. Premium Vitamin C anti-oxidant cleansing pads, AM
  3. Ultra-Sheer Anti-oxidant Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 50+, AM
  4. Brightening Micro-beaded polish, PM
  5. Botanical Brightening Kit pads, PM
    (Replace 5 with Kligman’s formula if hyperpigmentation is significant, return to 5 for maintenance treatment. Kligman’s formula MUST be used under the care of a doctor.)

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