Oxygen Acne 2.5% gel (57 g)


This gel serves as either a perfect spot treatment or easily spreads over skin. It utilizes the antibacterial properties of Benzoyl Peroxide to dry out existing lesions and also prevent future lesions from forming. Scientific Studies have shown that the 2.5% formulation works as well as the 10% formulation without the excessive dryness.

Hypoallergenic Non-comedogenic Paraben-free Oil-free Fragrance-free Gluten-free

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Excellent and affordable solution for pediatric, adolescent and adult patients

Lightweight formula with anti-bacterial properties

Improves skin density

How To Use

Use fingertips to apply and rub into affected areas. Can use morning and night.


If this product is still too drying for your skin, frequency of use can be reduced to alternate days.

Benzoyl peroxide can bleach clothing so note that clothing or fomites that touch treated areas can get bleached especially when product is not completely dry.


Active Ingredient: Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%

Complete Your Regimen

Combination treatments are the best way to control acne. For best results, wash with the 101 Clinical skincare Oxygen Hydroxy Cleansing Wash 5/2 or 10/2 or the 101 Clinical Skincare Hydroxy Acne Cleansing foaming Wash 2/2 in the morning and night. Further, enhance results by adding the 101 Clinical skincare Enhanced Retinol smoothing Serum 5x or 101 Clinical skincare Enhanced Retinol Smoothing Serum 10x at night

Anti-acne products can make your skin more sensitive to the effect of sun rays. Protect your skin from the sun by applying 101 Clinical skincare Ultra-sheer Antioxidant Sunscreen Cream SPF 50+ in the morning, apply 5 to 10 minutes following the application of the Oxygen Acne 2.5% gel.

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