One Step Body Scrub (236ml)


A product that Moisturizes, Cleanses & Exfoliates all in one step.




Moisturizes, Cleanses, & Exfoliates all in one step. Exfoliates with walnut shells and seaweed extract. Nourishes with Aloe & over 12 herbs, Vitamins C, E plus 14 additional anti-oxidants. Leaves skin silky smooth and moist all day.

How To Use

As with any new Skin Care product skin test on inner arm 24 hours before use. Apply all over body as needed and gently scrub and lather. Allow lather to remain on skin for one minute so that nutrients and moisturizers can penetrate into inner skin. Rinse completely with water. Repeat if necessary.


Gentle enough to use daily. If used on sensitive skin start by using 2 to 3 times a week, increase frequency as skin tolerates.


Organic aloe barbadensis gel, cocamide-betaine, walnut shells, marine algae extract, ascorbly glucosamine (vitamin C), ascorbly palmitate (vitamin c ester) sesame seed oil, rosemary, milk thistle,
bilberry, glyco, glycerin (vegetable), hydroxypropymethylcellose, tocopheryl linoleate (natural vitamin
E), polyphosphoxylcholine glycol acrylate (sugar extract), blue-green algae, grapefruit seed extract,
clover blossom extract, coltsfoot extract, calcium pantothenate, birch leaf extract, horsetail extract,
nettle extract, sage extract, peppermint extract, yarrow extract, birch sap, hyaloronic acid, allantoin (natural), Inositol, sodium coca-sulfate and potassium cocoate and tea wheat germate, lemon lavender-ylang-ylang-rosemary-macadamia extracts, dead sea minerals salts, citric acid, colloidal minerals.

Complete Your Regimen

Can use as part of any body hyperpigmentation treatment regimen or where a body exfoliation is

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