liposuction with fat transfer before and after back view

Liposuction with fat transfer is one of the surgical cosmetic procedures to get that hourglass body shape you desire. People often shy away when it comes to surgically removing unwanted body fat or enhancements of some parts of the body that affect their self-esteem.

For some people; fear of surgical complications, financial implications, society’s conservative culture or the recovery timeframe contribute to their reluctancy.

How Is Liposuction With Fat Transfer Done?

Unwanted fat is removed from parts of the body with excess fat by a plastic surgeon and then transferred to other areas of the body that need a bit of a boost or sculpting. This is also known as Autologous Fat Grafting.

Cosmetic surgeries like liposuction with fat transfer can be scary for some people especially in Nigeria where safety and expertise are always questioned, however, when done by the right team in the right facility, results are excellent.

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