liposuction with fat transfer before and after back view

Liposuction with fat transfer is one of the surgical cosmetic procedures to get that hourglass body shape you desire. People often shy away when it comes to surgically removing unwanted body fat or enhancements of some parts of the body that affect their self-esteem.

For some people; fear of surgical complications, financial implications, society’s conservative culture or the recovery timeframe contribute to their reluctancy.

How Is Liposuction With Fat Transfer Done?

Unwanted fat is removed from parts of the body with excess fat by a plastic surgeon and then transferred to other areas of the body that need a bit of a boost or sculpting. This is also known as Autologous Fat Grafting.

Cosmetic surgeries like liposuction with fat transfer can be scary for some people especially in Nigeria where safety and expertise are always questioned, however, when done by the right team in the right facility, results are excellent.

What do you think about the above before and after photos?

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Usually, most cosmetic surgery clients have a list of their requests during consultations and we try to meet everyone’s needs with minimal scarring. We are only a call, email or DM away for more enquiries! 09086000001,, @skin101ng.

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25 comments on “Liposuction With Fat Transfer – Before And After

    1. Hello Raina, total recovery time is patient-dependent however, after the procedure, you’ll typically be discharged within 24-48hours, post-procedure care such as lymphatic drainage massages, op site dressings would require extra days (these can be done on an outpatient basis after discharge).

  1. I don’t mind doing this when I have the money though. Approx. how much does it cost for fat transfer from the tummy/waistline region to the buttock/hip area?

  2. But why is that lady’s right butt cheek bigger than the left? Looks uneven and somewhat funny though🥴🤷‍♀️

    Just saying my mind oh! Didn’t mean to be rude however, nice job. 👍🏻👏

    1. Hello Elizabeth, she has a slight natural asymmetry as seen in the before photo and it could be very challenging to correct. However, posture and angle in the after photo contributed to the asymmetry pointed out. After all the post-procedure swellings have subsided, both sides eventually even out.

    1. Hello Shesvia, Slim people can have liposuction and fat transfer done, however, you will need to come in for a plastic surgery consultation and assessment to be better advised on how to go about the weight gain needed for the subsequent procedures.

    1. Hello Lola, yes there could be side effects just as there are in other medical procedures. However, we reduce the chances of avoidable side effects through proper history taking, physical examinations, laboratory investigations and so on. When you come in for your consultation, possible side effects would be discussed with you as they could also vary per individuals.

    1. Hello Uju, Liposuction of legs only currently costs 700,000 – 1,400,000 naira. After your consultation and assessment, a breakdown of the total cost would be given to you.

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