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People often ask if it is safe to do liposuction in Nigeria. The short answer is yes, Continue reading to find out why.

Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body. Oftentimes, people travel abroad to get this procedure done for fear of not getting the best service here in Nigeria.

Nowadays, you no longer need to travel abroad to do plastic surgery procedures as some of the best body works are now being done in Nigeria. Our Skin101 Abuja center is one of the best and safest medical facilities to get your liposuction done in not only Abuja but in Nigeria as a whole.

We can boast of an international standard and well equipped medical facility with a team of experienced and empathetic medical personnel led by an artistic consultant plastic surgeon. This not only makes Skin101 a safe medical facility to do liposuction in Nigeria but a place where you can achieve your desired body goals while under the best post-surgery care and observation.

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Is It Really safe To Do Liposuction in Nigeria?

Yes it is safe to do liposuction in Nigeria if:

  1. the procedure is being done in a standard facility with all necessary equipment.
  2. the surgeon and medical personnel are experienced and utilize modern and advanced methods and techniques to minimize risks.
  3. all necessary tests are run, all necessary protocols are observed and every patient prepared and monitored appropriately to avoid or minimize unnecessary risks and side effects.

Other Types Of Plastic Surgery Procedures Done In Nigeria

In addition to liposuction,

  • Brazilian butt lift (commonly called fat transfer to the butt)
  • tummy tuck
  • breast augmentation with or without implants (breast lifts)
  • breast reduction
  • scar revisions
  • surgical vagina rejuvenation can all be done in Nigeria.
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We offer these surgical services and more at Skin101. Imagine walking into a compound where you can get your facials done, laser procedures and cosmetic surgery done all under one roof, we are that all-in-one center in Abuja!

Why Liposuction?

Liposuction is a targeted procedure, meaning that only particular areas can be targeted thereby giving the body desired contours and proportions.

It is a procedure that can be done by men and women, including women who are yet to give birth as this procedure, when done properly doesn’t go deep enough to affect internal organs.

Does Liposuction Have Side Effects?

Every medical procedure comes with a possible risk of side effects. As with other surgical procedures, care and prevention are taken from consultation, preparation of the patient, intra-op to post-surgical care of the patient.

Some common side effects that may be experienced are; pain on treated areas, nausea and vomiting, temporarily bruising on treated areas, general discomfort from compression garments. There is no one size fits all, hence the need for a proper consultation before any surgical procedure.

What Is The Cost Of Liposuction In Nigeria?

Cost of liposuction in Nigeria varies in different centers depending on parts of the body being worked on. It can start as low as 250,000 naira per body part to as high as 1,500,000 naira and more per procedure.

For example, someone may want to do liposuction of thighs only while another may want to do liposuction of the abdomen and back (commonly called lipo 360), thighs and arms together which would cost more. Prices of medications, nursing care, hospital stays, etc make up the additional cost.

Does Liposuction Remove Fat permanently?

No, liposuction removes only the fat present at the time of the procedure. You will have to maintain results with lifestyle modification.

To get started on your journey to that makeover, contact us to have a consultation with our plastic surgeon. A visit to our state-of-the-art facility will surely convince you!

*Click To See A Before And After Of Liposuction Done in Our Facility In Abuja!

56 comments on “Is It safe To Do Liposuction in Nigeria?

  1. Hi, about how much will it cost to do a breast reduction procedure for asymmentrical breast in your hospital.

    1. Hello Saarmata, it would cost between 850,000 – 1,600,000 naira, other additional costs would depend on other factors. When you come in for a consultation, you will get a comprehensive price breakdown.

  2. I want to go for liposuction. I stay in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Do u have a branch in port Harcourt. Can I get a contact number to call for more information? Thanks

    1. Hello Joyce, we don’t have a branch Portharcourt yet, however, we will be happy to have you in Abuja as we have recovery rooms you can use for as long as you need after your liposuction. You can call 09086000001 for more information.

    1. Hello Chioma, Yes we do liposuction on obese women and there’s an additional charge on the regular charges. All would be discussed with you during your consultation.

      1. Hello Kayla, liposuction of the abdomen with fat transfer to the butt ranges from 1,600,000 naira and above, the exact total cost would be determined after a consultation and assessment.

    1. Hello Mariam, we don’t have a branch Portharcourt yet, however, we will be happy to have you in Abuja as we have recovery rooms you can use for as long as you need after your liposuction and butt lift. You can call 09086000001 for more information.

    1. Hello Clara, the cost for BBL would depend on the part of the body the fat was harvested from (liposuction). Yes, payment can be done in instalments, however, the procedure won’t be done till payment has been completed.

  3. How long does recovery take for the liposuction and butt enlargement? I want to know how long I’ll need to stay in Abuja, of I travel over for the procedure?

    1. Hello Titi, after the procedure, you’ll be discharged within 24-48hours, however, post-procedure care such as lymphatic drainage massages, op site dressings would require extra days(these can be done on an outpatient basis after discharge). It would be best to budget for a stay of up to 2 weeks in Abuja for the procedure and general post-procedure care/follow up.

    1. Hello Faustina, liposuction of abdomen and buttocks ranges from 1,300,000 naira and above, the exact total cost would be determined after a consultation and assessment. We have recovery rooms you can use for as long as you need in Abuja.

  4. Good day. I am underweight with a BMI of 15.8. I want to gain weight so I can do a fat transfer to my butt and hips. I’m not looking for crazy results. How possible is it and how much will it cost

    1. Hello Jane, it is possible, however, you will need to come in for a plastic surgery consultation and assessment to be better advised on how to go about the weight gain and subsequent procedures.

    1. Hello Justina, yes it is possible however it will also depend on the location of the fibroid. When you come in for your consultation, you’ll get further details on this.

    1. Hello Fay, your description isn’t very clear however our buccal cheek fat removal ranges from 800,000 naira and above, face lift ranges from 1,900,000 naira – 2,500,000 and above. The exact cost of the area you’re describing would be determined after your consultation and examination by the plastic surgeon.

      1. Hi, i want to go for the liposuction of the back and abdomen only, but is it possible to do it on a basis of an outpatient and leave the hospital that same day? Thanks

        1. Hello Roz, we typically recommend at least 24 hours stay (for observation) following your procedure and subsequent post-procedure care can be done on an outpatient basis. However, you can discuss your reasons and any peculiarities with the consultant plastic surgeon during your consultation.

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