Skintivity Skincare Restore cream

For many people with darker skin types especially when living in the tropics, we find that over time our faces get darker than the parts of our bodies covered with clothing or we develop an uneven blotchy complexion. 

Is it possible to restore your complexion to how it was 5, 10 years ago? Yes!!! And even better! We have had several solutions for hyperpigmentation, solutions that really really work….but the concerns and questions clients would ask most times include;

  • How long can I use the product?
  • Is it safe to use for long periods?
  • Can I use the product in the daytime as well?
  • Hope the product will not lighten me excessively?
Skintivity Skincare Restore cream

Skintivity RESTORE AM/PM not only answers all these questions but is THE ANSWER to all these questions.

It contains 18 anti-oxidants with most of them having the dual purpose of neutralizing free radicals on your skin and brightening it at the same time. This innovative product also contains the novel ingredient Cysteamine hydrochloride which safely lightens with no long term consequences like most lightening ingredients of the same strength. 

So you now have a product you can use in the daytime(has enough zinc oxide that provides a broad spectrum sun protection of SPF30) and at night, that will safely brighten and even out your complexion, that will help your acne and has potent anti-aging properties too… a product you can continue to use for a long long long time! 

As of right now, there is no SAFE lightening product of same strength  that has similar benefits that is made in Nigeria! We have major bragging rights and there are more where this came from!

Simply call 09086000111 or go to skintivityskincare on Instagram to make your purchase and see more Skinitivity products available. 

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