Sometimes, having Dermal Fillers does not come out looking the way you envisaged, either as a result of poor technique or too much fillers injected and you feel botched for a long time……….
Fortunately, most fillers are composed of Hyaluronic acid: which is a component of some tissue in our bodies. The beauty of Hyaluronic acid based fillers are, if you no longer want them, they can be completely dissolved with an enzyme called HYALURONIDASE, via a process called HYDROLYSIS (breakdown of the hyaluronic acid).


Furthermore, Hyaluronidase works very quickly, with most of the effect taking place within 24 hours. You will see defined improvement and less filler in the area injected, beginning within a few hours. However, for denser, more cross-linked products, it may take 48 to 72hours to dissolve.

Additional treatments may be required if there are still areas that need correction.

Side effects such as pain, bruising and redness of the injected area could occur, however, a topical anesthetic will be used prior to the procedure to minimize pain.

There is no downtime, so you can resume normal activities after the procedure.

So rather than regret and wait at least 6 months for them to fizzle out…we can take care of them for you at our clinic.


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