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Dr.UGro Gashee

Dr.UGro Gashee® proprietary formulas were created and tested by board certified dermatologist, and world renowned hair restoration expert Sanusi Umar MD (Dr U) to combine modern science with the organic intelligence of plant chemistry. They are consciously designed eco-friendly, cold formulations of botanicals and phytoactive ingredients that benefit all hair types.

Over 95% of its ingredients are natural, nature derived or bio-identical. Cold processing means that beneficial phytoactives are not destroyed by heat but get holistically delivered to your hair as nature intended. All Gashee formulas a designed to potently nourish and stimulate your hair for a fuller, thicker, longer and silkier result.

All Hair Types

Made for everyone

Dermatologist Tested

Formulated and tested by Dr. U

No Harmful Ingredients

No Parabens, Synthetics, etc

Recyclable & Cruelty Free

Eco-Friendly and Animal Safe

Gashee™ Botanical Hair Lotion

Gashee™ Botanical Hair Lotion


gashee botabical hair pomade

Gashee™ Botanical Hair Pomade


gashee botanical hair lotion 2

Gashee™ Botanical Hair Supplement


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