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Starting or advancing a career in Aesthetic Medicine in Nigeria can be challenging. Availability of training, training costs, need to travel, getting time away from work, sourcing aesthetic medical supplies, can all be overwhelming and challenging.

Dermapro Institute of Medical Aesthetics(DIMA) has partnered with the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine (CBAM) to bring you a Nigerian center that will start you off confidently in your Medical Aesthetics career.

The Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine™ (CBAM™) as an independent board is dedicated to providing standard high quality on-line and in-class education in the field of aesthetic medicine for health care professionals. We cater to health care professionals who are active in the field or plan to add aesthetic medicine to their current practice. This qualification is recognized and enables you practice Aesthetic Medicine in many countries around the world once you have a license to practice medicine in that country.

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CBAM’s Diploma Program in Aesthetic Medicine
(International Centres)

A Road to Aesthetic Designations

The Diploma program in aesthetic medicine in international centres is designed for the practitioners who would like to get trained in aesthetic medicine under the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine and become Certified in the field. These practitioners will complete all the stages of the process including online courses, in-class local workshops, local fellowships and also multiple exams. This program includes 2 steps (approximately 2 weeks in length) and is offered in many cities and countries all over the world.

After successfully completing these 2 steps and also the examinations, they are awarded the Diploma in aesthetic medicine.

The graduates who are interested to receive Board Certified designation and to have their name to be displayed on the list of Board Certified practitioner on CBAM website (Click here to see a sample), are required to complete the Step 3 as well. To learn more about Step 3, click here.

This package is specifically designed for international physicians who would like to complete their studies outside of CBAM Canadian centres.

If you are a licensed Canadian or US physician, click here
If you are a licensed nurse in Canada or US (NP, RN, RPN, LPN), click here

With registering for Step 1 and 2 (Diploma program), the applicant will get access to all online course materials of these 2 steps for 1 year (the applicant has 1 year to complete all the process of Diploma program. There is also a 3 to 6 month extension available upon request, if in special cases the applicants need that).

Part 1: Online and Virtual sections
There are 8 courses which are delivered in this section. As soon as you register for the package and pay the deposit, you will get access to the materials. Note: Your access to the online materials will remain until 6 months after the completion of Step 1 or 3 months after the completion of Step 3 exams (if you have registered for all 3 steps) In addition you will get access to all ongoing Virtual aesthetic discussion panels. (see the page here)
Part 2: Local In-class Practical Courses
This includes the in-class hands-on section of our courses which lasts for 4 days and is held in the city you are based in or a nearby city in your country. During these 4 day practical courses, the following topics will be reviewed:
Part 3: Complete online MCQ comprehensive exam
The questions in this exam include all the materials which are taught in online and also during in-class programs plus some questions from the CBAM virtual aesthetic discussion panels (
see the courses here) After the successful completion of this exam, the applicants will be eligible to start Step 2 (Advanced Fellowship) in the designated centres.
Advanced Aesthetic Fellowship Program

As soon as you complete the step 1 and perform the Comprehensive MCQ exam, you are qualified to apply for the Advanced Fellowship program in one of the centres in your city or a nearby city in your country. As soon as you arrange with the faculty, you can start your fellowship.

There are 2 activities in this step:

Activity 1: Supervised Advanced Fellowship

Length: 30 hours

During this 30 hours of small group fellowship, the practitioners will gain more experience in the field by visiting more number of patients. This 30 hour fellowship program is a necessary step in the process of Board Certification in order to prove the graduates have adequate hands-on experience and skills in aesthetic field.

Activity 2: Articles review

In this stage, the applicant must read and summarize 2 articles in the field of aesthetic medicine from the list of suggested articles.

After completion of these 2 activities, your faculty(ies) will sign your evaluation sheet and submit to the CBAM head office.

At this point, the graduates will receive a certificate as Diploma in Aesthetic MedicineAt this stage, the name of the applicant will not appear on CBAM website, unless completing the Step 3 as well.

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Apply for Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (Step 1 & 2):

You need to follow the instructions depends on the country/city you are applying for. Please select your country at the bottom of the page:
Part 1: In-class portion

The applicants will attend a 3 day comprehensive aesthetic program in one of the regional centres. Only the graduates who have successfully completed Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (Step 1 and 2) are eligible to attend this 3-day course.

There are 5 modules (half a day for each module) covered during this program. The modules are included lecture reviews, live demonstrations and case discussion stations.


  • Day 1 – morning: Anatomy module
  • Day 1 – afternoon: Injectables module

  • Day 2 – morning: Complications module
  • Day 2 – afternoon: Cosmetic dermatology module

  • Day 3 – morning: LASER and EBD module
  • Day 3 – afternoon: Networking with the industry
Part 2: Board Certification examination

This exam includes 4 rooms conducted by CBAM faculty head office for all the approved applicants. Here is the list of rooms:

  • Injectables room
  • Anatomy room
  • Laser room
  • Cosmetic dermatology room

In each room, the faculty will discuss some cases with the applicants. The applicant will receive a mark based on their performance in each room.

After passing this step, the applicant will be awarded the designation of Board Certified in Aesthetic medicine and their name will be on a page on CBAM website and can be searched by colleagues and patients. (see a sample of this page).

Here is also a sample of certificate of Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine:


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Price or Step 3: $3999 USD

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For more information about CBAM Packages, contact us at 1-866-430-8677 or email us at centres@cbamedicine.com or info@cbamedicine.com.

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