Dr Ugro Gashee hair products in Abuja Nigeria

Do you know that you can now purchase Dr UGro Gashee hair products in Abuja, Nigeria?

The all-natural, cold-pressed, dermatologist-created and tested hair care line developed to nourish, repair & strengthen hair of all types, helping those suffering from or looking to prevent hair loss is now available for purchase at skin101 Abuja, Nigeria.

Cherish Your Roots

Dr UGro Gashee Natural Botanical Hair Lotion is formulated using natural phytoactive ingredients to support, nourish, condition and boost growing hair in harmony with your preferred hair grooming practices

This lotion is ideal for natural or chemically treated long hair, braids, dreadlocks, weaves or natural free-flowing hair. The plant blend is designed to trickle down the hair shaft to the scalp for optimal hair-boosting nourishment and direct hair stimulation.

Bring Your Edges Back

Dr UGro Gashee Natural Botanical Hair Pomade is the world’s first natural cold processed pomade, free of petroleum, drugs or harsh chemicals for the quadruple purpose of hair stimulation, conditioning, moisturization and styling for edge control.

Optimize Your Hair Health From Within

Dr UGro Gashee Oral hair supplement supports, conditions, nourishes and boosts your growing hair in harmony with holistic hair health.

If you are looking for fuller, longer and thicker hair or defense against split ends, frizz and breakage, revitalizing of your hair and more, you are only a click away from shopping Dr UGro Gashee hair products. You can also visit our pharmacy at the clinic or call 09086000111 for more details.

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