Butt lift via fat transfer to the buttocks

Butt lift or Buttock augmentation is a surgical procedure via fat transfer to buttocks or butt implants that reshapes and enhances the gluteal area to achieve fuller, rounder, firmer or bigger buttocks. Fat transfer to buttocks can be used to fill hip dips and create a more curvaceous appearance.

Butt lift via fat transfer to the buttocks

Can you spot the difference in the above photos? Fat transfer to buttocks was done to achieve the butt lift.

Are you looking to fill your hip dips or achieve more curvaceous appearance with unwanted fat to spare? Just give us a call and we will put all that unwanted fat to great use at the right places!

4 comments on “Butt Lift Via Fat Transfer To Buttocks

    1. Hello Mary, Add-on fat transfer to the buttocks only costs 350,000. The total cost of the procedure would depend on the part of the body the fat was harvested from.

      1. Hello Lucy, we can help you achieve that with liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks. Call us on 09086000001 or use the appointment page on the website to schedule an appointment with the consultant plastic surgeon. Thank you.

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