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    Yes, you can. However, you would be seen at the next available time for a slightly different fee.

    Yes, we offer online consultation for out-of-state clients and patients including those living outside Nigeria.

    Yes we do. Please read below:

    To continue providing the highest standard of convenient service and minimize waiting time, we remain an appointment preferred facility which most of our clients and patients prefer. To ensure we keep up with the volume of clients we attended to daily, minimize lateness and delays that come when trying to sort out payments on-site, we have an appointment policy.

    Please note that if you book and confirm an appointment and come in on time, you not only get APPOINTMENT DISCOUNTS, none of the fees mentioned below will apply to you.

    1. When booking an appointment, you only get a confirmed appointment time by either paying a consultation fee or paying for the service you will receive at the clinic.
      * The fees mentioned below in this policy will be deducted in percentages from the payment you have made.
    2. We will email, call and send a message 72 hours before your appointment to remind you, in case you need to alter your appointment. You won’t get a reminder if you book less than 72 hours before your appointment.
    3. You can change appointments for FREE, 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. A 30% REFUND FEE applies if you request for a refund after any confirmed payments are booked (70% of your payment will be paid back). This refund will be made in 48 to 72 hours.
    4. Cancellation or rescheduling less than 48 hours before the appointment will be charged a 30% CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING FEE.
    5. A more than 5 minute lateness will be charged a 30% LATENESS FEE and be rescheduled for another date.
    6. If you are late and request for a refund, the 30% LATENESS FEE and 30% REFUND FEE will both apply, meaning a 60% fee will now apply, your 40% refund will be made in 48 to 72 hours.
    7. No shows will be charged a 100% NO SHOW FEE.
    8. On your first appointment with us, if you have any skin complaint, please come along with the skincare products you have used for the last 3 months as they can have an influence on the treatment options/choices we prescribe or recommend for you.

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