Acne scarring treatment

One of the commonest post-acne problems is scarring. Acne scarring are of 2 general types; Atrophic scars (they are deeper than the skin’s surface) and Hypertrophic/keloidal scars (they are raised above the skin’s surface). The good news is, we offer acne scarring treatment in our facility.

Though they are challenging to manage, acne scarring can be reduced significantly with various aesthetic procedures and skincare products. (Read More on Acne Scarring)

Acne scarring treatment The above photo shows before and progress of acne scarring treatment of one of our patients. Can you see any difference?

4 comments on “Acne Scarring Treatment

  1. Hi Skin101,

    I have a terrible acne problem I contacted from using a sponge of someone who had incurable acne before. A similar problem of the woman advertised on acne scarring removal treatment.
    My acne problem is flesh and I don’t know how to treat this problem.

    Thanks as I look forward to your reply

    Benue State

  2. Hello Wilfred,
    We would be happy to help you. We use a combination of treatments to treat acne scarring in our facility and can get you started on topical products (they can be sent to you in Benue after a consultation) pending when you can visit our facility in Abuja for a procedure. Call us on 09086000001 to book an online consultation or use the client portal page on our website and we will take it from there.

  3. I have a Redish round spot on my face have tryed some cream but no result. I really need a skin product that can fade it off

  4. Hello John, unfortunately, we can’t ascertain what you have just from your description. it will be best you book a consultation so that the spot can be properly examined before any treatment option can be decided on.

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